Welcome to the National Association of Educators in Practice

The National Association of Educators in Practice (NAEP) aims to have a health and social care workforce in which individual practitioners fully understand the value of education for learners, patients, carers and other healthcare practitioners.

The association’s vision is for high-quality practice educators to play a key role in professional and academic development, with a wide range of learners in healthcare and in other professions with the recognition that high-quality practice education leads to better patient and client care.

The NAEP executive committee

The NAEP executive committee is made up of professionals from across the spectrum of the health and social care workforce.

The association represents paramedics, radiographers, social workers and many more through a stucture which includes president Professor Emerita Ann Moore, chair Dr Jane Morris, vice-chair Professor Lynn Clouder and treasurer Dr Janet Holt.

The NAEP executive committee

NAEP’s mission is to ensure that professional education is grounded in practice through providing the best possible support network for educators in practice across the Allied Health Professions, medicine, midwifery, nursing and all health and social care professions.

The association seeks to:

  • Value and promote the importance of practice-based learning
  • Support and promote the importance of all health and social care professionals who have an educational role in practice
  • Support the development of educators in practice

The association’s objectives

  1. Provide a structured forum that generates and delivers support to those individuals who are recorded on the NAEP database
  2. Provide opportunities for: sharing and dissemination of good practices, collaborative working and disseminating sources of information and expertise
  3. Provide sources of information to inform the development of new roles for Educators in Practice and strategies for the advancement of education and service delivery
  4. Hold an Annual General Meeting to ensure that the NAEP is representative of members and effectively pursues the views of members
  5. Maintain a live database of members
  6. Provide advocacy and advice on policy matters
  7. Promote collaboration with other agencies to underpin and support Educators in Practice
  8. Provide and support the development of an evidence base to underpin education in practice and ensure its dissemination to relevant stakeholders
  9. Promote and provide CPD opportunities leading to recognised accreditation and qualification for practice educators

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